Get a loan with bad credit history


Everything happens in life, and sometimes even decent people cannot pay off their debts to creditors in time. Unfortunately, this is not the best indicator for your credit history, but if the borrower nevertheless closes the debt, but with a delay, the next bank is unlikely to provide him with funds.

Online loans with a poor financial past are almost impossible – banks are very strict in this regard. However, for a small amount, you can contact other financial institutions that specialize in microfinance.

Amount and terms of the loan

Amount and terms of the loan

A microfinance organization where you can get loans on the Internet with a bad credit history, and almost without refusal. Upon receipt of the first loan, the maximum loan amount is 3,000 dollars , and the maximum period of use by him is 30 calendar days.

If there is no difficulty in timely repayment of the debt and fulfillment of the obligation, the loan amount will be increased in the next period. The maximum loan amount is 10,000 dollars .

How to get a loan with bad credit history in Alex Сredit?

How to get a loan with bad credit history in Alex Сredit?

First you need to fill out an online application.

To do this, please pay attention to the block at the top of the main page. Using the slider on the calculator, you can choose the amount and number of days during which you will use the loan.

After determining the amount and term of the loan, you must click the “Apply” button.

In the window that opens, fill out the necessary information, be sure to enter your passport and TIN, as well as indicate your credit card number. Then wait for a decision, the relevant information will come to your email address.

The system will automatically make a decision in a few minutes.

In the case of a positive decision of the system, you only need to agree to the terms of the contract and wait for the funds to arrive on the card. Money is transferred immediately, but the time required for its delivery to the client depends on the issuing bank. Usually it is no more than two hours.

You can repay the loan without waiting for the expiration of the contract.