Woman’s Lib Launch New Show (Part 1)


The theme of Mia Khalifa’s first cam show was “pioneering.” With no undergarments, she is not wearing anything at all, but at the end of her cam show she “found” her bra. It is a bit suggestive.

She shows off her breasts

She shows off her breasts

Then in the second episode she shows off her breasts and declares that she has been making breast enlargement pills to begin the process of ‘pioneering’ her own brand of breast enlargement. She rambles on about how this is a big step for her and how this is ‘showing the world’ how good her breasts are!

I can’t really think of anything risque about her showing off her pills. The message seems to be that if you want to do something good for yourself, then it is all up to you, it is up to you to do the research, go out and get your own pills, etc.

There is a way to go about breast enlargement pills. However, the research alone will not make pills for women to work. Neither will it make pills for women any better than a man.

The best method for increasing the size of their breasts

The best method for increasing the size of their breasts

Women need to find the research, learn about the subject, and then find a good source of information to help them with their research. Even if they find a source of information, they don’t trust they need to read it over again and look at it again. They need to follow the recommendations of the information they read.

Men need to understand that these are penis enlargement products. They are not available in stores.

Women want results, men want results, and the facts are clear. The process for increasing your penis size is the same as the process for increasing your breasts.

Women have found over the years that the best method for increasing the size of their breasts is to increase the amount of estrogen in their body. This is done by increasing the amount of progesterone in their body.

Increasing the amount of progesterone and estrogen is a big step towards breast enlargement. This is the reason why the ingredient “Xoestra” is using to market the breast enlargement pills. It was used by women who had enlarged breasts.

Being ashamed of their breasts

Being ashamed of their breasts

Women have gone from being ashamed of their breasts to boasting about them. From friends and family asking them about how much they weigh to employers having to ask them what they do for a living to their husband wanting to increase their cup size to them going out for drinks and dinners with the men without the clothes on to women saying they wanted to have a better sex life to going into the grocery store and buying milk for their children to the woman at the counter who watched her own son play in the park.

Women are now proud of their own breasts. Many have mentioned that they will never have another surgery in their life. In some cases the breast implants themselves are not healthy enough to leave their bodies.

For me, Mia Khalifa’s cam show is not so much the perfect example of a pioneer as it is the perfect example of what not to do. She claims to have been putting pills in her body for years, but she does not state where she purchased these pills. As a matter of fact, it would be prudent for women to buy breast enlargement pills through an online pharmacy or through a health food store where they can find a source of unbiased information to help them choose a product that is good for them.

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